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SutiHR is leveraged by businesses of all sizes to combine a wide variety of essential HR functions like storing staff data, payroll management, recruitment, benefits administration, performance management and more. The solution ensures daily HR methods are easily manageable and easy to access.


SutiHR is an end-to-end HR solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform has an intuitive user interface with mobile support that grows with your organization. SutiHR provides employee self-service & on-boarding, personnel, applicant tracking (ATS), integrated e-signature, time tracking, performance reviews, benefits, project tracking, and IT management. Its powerful reporting and analytics capabilities keeps the data at your fingertips. SutiHR makes employees happier while saving time and money.

HR leaders can schedule interviews, and automatic email notifications are sent to the interviewers. With an employee self-service portal, workers can handle their information, training, reporting, and much more. The users can generate and handle electronic staff profiles, allocate and track the progress of training and off-board staff in cases of termination / retirement.

The managers can handle staff performance, document approval, attendance and time, and task delegation. SutiHR offers the exact level of access to the system users to create pertinent reports on staff details.

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  • 1. Personnel Records
  • 2. Employee Self-Service
  • 3. Mobile App
  • 4. Reports
  • 5. Document Management
  • 6. Calendar
  • 7. Team Management
  • 8. Organizational Information
  • 9. Payroll Data
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