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With the Asset Infinity CMMS you can:

  • Schedule activities for single or multiple assets
  • Schedule activities without linking any assets as well.
  • Create multiple schedules for multiple assets using our built-in spreadsheet tool or uploading using our Excel template.
  • With Asset Infinity create your own types of activities such as insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections, or whatever activity suits your business.
  • Classify these types of activities according to the expense: amount to pay (when you pay a supplier for an activity), amount to receive (when your client pays you for an activity) or not to an associated amount.
  • Define the occurrence of the schedule as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom.
  • Ability to create unique schedules that create a single activity for a specific date and time.
  • Assign the entire schedule to a user.
  • Attach files and add schedule descriptions along with the start and end dates of a schedule.
  • Set your frequency to receive reminders and alerts for activities on a schedule.
  • Set default values ​​for activities that will be generated within the schedule.
  • Add additional custom information to be stored with schedules.
  • Update or remove all active schedules from a Report
  • Separate Open Schedules.
  • Receive notifications and emails whenever the activity approaches - these are automatically sent to the assigned person based on the set of reminder frequencies.
  • The Asset Infinity Pending Activities page displays a list of activities that can be filtered by activity types and assignee.
  • Color code for activities: red for activities due, blue for activities in the future, and black for activities that are pending today.
  • The activities are displayed according to the roles and permissions of the user.

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